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GLAMbassador spotlight: Tammy

Hey girl, hey!  It’s been a crazy couple of months and we have totally slacked on blogging.  But, great things are worth the wait!  I want to introduce ya’ll to Tammy.  She’s my favorite firey red head <3 Tammy won a session with us last year, during that session she agreed to being videoed for a promotional behind the scenes video.  Not only is the video my fav but her session was incredible.  She was one of my OG GLAMbassadors and shares her personal experience with us with anyone that will listen 🙂  We love Tammy.  She had her second session this year and I don’t even need to tell you which images below are from the second because you can SEE the difference!

Lets Meet Tammy…

“So I think I’ve been a GLAMbassador since before we had a name, lol. I looked at a lot of photographer’s websites and spoke with several both on the phone and in person, but Jenn was the first one I met that I felt truly understood my vision and what I wanted to accomplish with my session. As most women, I’ve always struggled with body image. I’ve been all sizes and I’ve never been comfortable in my skin until my 40’s. I decided to own myself as I am and started to plan for my first session!!! Well, shortly after I had made my decision, I found Jenn and I was lucky enough to win a contest for a free session! And my session was just what I needed to accomplish my goal! My husband was at my reveal and his reaction was “I’m glad you finally see yourself as I see you. “ I literally cried. And now, I show my pictures to anyone who will look at them lol!!! I’m so proud of them and the way they make me feel every time I look at them. I truly feel this is the best experience any woman can give themselves. It will open your eyes to a side of you that you probably won’t believe exists until you see your photos. But after you see it, it will be a side you will hopefully never be able forget!”


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