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Random Fun Facts:


Hi I’m Jenn, I run a boudoir photography studio in Gainesville Georgia (just north of Atlanta).

Currently living in Flowery Branch, GA with G-Money, Sugar, Bandit and Kimber (aka Gavin =our son, Chris =my hunk and Bandit & Kimber = our fur-babies). *Photo cred Dailey Alexandra Photography (family pic above)*

Born in Boston, raised in Florida.

I love being outside, but hate extreme climates.

I believe in changing my hair color as often as possible and I’m very grateful for my amazing hair stylist and strong hair for allowing me to do so.

I love sushi (or shoe-she as my son would say) and Thai, I could eat it every day.

10-ish years ago I decided to be a paramedic, I absolutely love/loved it but decided to pursue nursing and I am now a full time ER RN.

High heels are a way of life.

My favorite session is boudoir, I love LOVE love to make women feel beautiful and confident.

When I was younger I was a dancer, a tumbler, a super hero, a pianist, a spy, a tomboy, a kung-fu master, and they tell me I was gifted. Now, I’m just happy being a mom and homemaker, a photographer, and nurse in my free time.

Photo-ish stuff:


Mirrored Images Photography was originally established in Greenville, SC while I was working as a paramedic but then I re-transplanted back to Palm Beach Florida and now I’m in Georgia!  In 2017 I decided I needed to follow my heart and focus on boudoir photography, so Mirrored Images Photography became Mirrored Images Boudoir and we now have a beautiful studio.  This decision was one that I thought of doing many years ago but was always too afraid to.  I’m very blessed to have a man who supports me, my crazy dreams and pushes me to be better at everything that I do.  I have a direct NEED to make women feel better about themselves.  I remember being a teenager and having friends who hated their self image, that continued on through their 20’s and now as adults it still is present.  It’s completely unnecessary – and I NEED to change that horrible image women have about themselves.  I also have a need to help women celebrate milestones in their life; whether its a marriage, a weight loss journey, a fitness goal, a divorce, or to boost your own self esteem… I need to do this for you.

Have you been looking into boudoir photography?  If you’re looking for a top boudoir photographer in Gainesville Georgia or north Atlanta, contact me.

Check out some recent images from boudoir sessions and see the boudoir studio below:

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Why I do what I do:


I bring my heart, determination, God given talent and passion. I’m here to give you what you want and also what you need. I don’t pre-plan everything. I don’t spend hour’s photoshopping and tweaking you to look like someone else. You’re beautiful, just as you are and I am going to show you just how beautiful that is. My training, experience, professionalism and love for photography has taught me to be fully prepared for any situation but know that accepting the spontaneous moments can be the most rewarding. I provide direction when needed and stay quiet to allow the magic to just happen…

There is intention and meaning behind every image I take. Technique and my camera is a route for me to tell a story, your story. I don’t take pictures or sell products; I provide an experience, memories, confidence and emotion.

My gift to you is providing an experience and a visual reminder of how amazing your life is. When you look back at this gift, you’ll remember the story you told me without ever saying a word.