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It's almost engagement season, yes.. I know what you're thinking.  "There's actually a season for that?"  The answer is yes (no pun intended).  Engagement season is historically from the end of September (fall) through the end of February (Valentines Day).  According to a survey of 7,000 people across the UK, Christmas Eve is the most popular day to propose (32%), followed by Valentines Day(30%), Christmas Day(13%), and New Years Eve(9%).  Halloween came in a close 4th place, which is actually the day I would want to be proposed to.  I prefer the stress free "holidays" and Halloween is my all time favorite.  Check out the rest of the survey results here: The Marriage Proposal Survey.

With all of this insightful knowledge in mind, it's the perfect time to announce a wedding photography promotion!  Since I am new to the Cumming, GA / Forsyth County area I know I have a lot of ground to make up for, but I'm never afraid of a challenge.  I am offering a limited time promotion for wedding photography at the incredibly discounted price of $899.  This includes 6 hours of wedding day photography with one photographer, an online gallery to share with family and friends, and digital downloads of your images with a print release.  This is a $600 savings and just the starting point.  Clients can add on sessions such as engagement, bridal and trash the dress and add on products like custom photo albums, prints, and canvas gallery wraps.

I plan to run this promotion through Valentines Day, or once I hit the magic number I have in mind.  So, contact me today and we'll meet up to go over all the details of your wedding and secure your wedding photography for the most important day of your life.

Fine Print: This offer is eligible for weddings within 75 miles of Cumming GA or 25 miles of Greenville, SC.  For events outside of this range the offer is still available but travel and accommodations will need to be added.

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Palm Beach Wedding Photographer | What's in a first look?

Whether you're a traditional bride or not, every one should consider a First Look on their wedding day. There's a lot of buzz on the subject and, as a photographer, I feel my two cents is of value here.

Your wedding day will fly by. The moments, the memories and the special details will be overcome by anxiously awaiting your walk down the isle. Imagine if you were able to spend a few moments together before the ceremony, to be able to look into each others eyes and to absorb the moment with no one else there (except a ninja photographer). A private, romantic and emotional union that will allow all the nervousness to escape so that you are able to fully enjoy and appreciate your wedding ceremony. Imagine being able to capture this moment. The real, raw and true emotions displayed through professional photographs that will bring the memories of this day to life each time you look at them.

A First Look is a collaborative effort between the B&G and photographer (preferably Mirrored Images ;) ) to set up the perfect scene to execute this amazing moment in time. The emotion of seeing each other for the first time is still captured, but the impact is far greater during a First Look.

When deciding if a first look is right for you, remember the following:
*Your hair and make up will be fresh and picture perfect.
*You'll be able to finish majority of your wedding pictures prior to the ceremony which means you get to the reception faster!
*There are no distractions to take away from your moment together.

So there you have it. Granted, time lines don't always play out as planned but a First Look will put you at the reception mingling with your guests and starting the party off at least one hour before a bride without a First Look.

(First Look example was taken during a wedding I photographed with Sarah Rominger Photography out of Asheville, NC)

Palm Beach Photographer | Another year, another logo

I'm sure you've heard of "Another day, another dollar."  In my case, it's "Another year, another logo."  I've changed my logo... five times, I think.  I honestly can't remember.  This whole self discovery, be who you are, brand who you be thing has taken me on a never ending journey of finding what I love.  What sessions do I enjoy the most, what does the public perceive as my best work, does my logo appeal to who I am trying to market to, does my overall brand speak highly of myself and what I have to offer.... the questions go on and on and on...

My best work is also what I enjoy the most.  I love making women feel empowered and I've found that three sessions in particular do just that.  Boudoir, maternity, and newborn. Funny mix, I know, I've been told a time or two.  But for me it all makes sense.

  • Boudoir showcases your power, beauty, vulnerability, lust, love, sex appeal, emotions, and desires... it's intoxicating.
  • Many people refer to pregnant women as the most beautiful.  To carry a piece of yourself and the person you love, the anticipation, the excitement of picking out names, bedding, clothes, and strollers.  Most of all, knowing you love that baby with all of your being and you haven't even met yet.  That's empowering.
  • Here's where people get lost.  How does newborn fit in to making women feel empowered?  Well, after I rock your new additions first photo shoot and you show off the pictures to your friends, family, co-workers, strangers at the super market.... they'll all tell you how beautiful your baby is and how you did a wonderful job.  You'll brag about your newbie and never feel bad about it!

This is what I love, this is who I am.  These are the sessions I get giddy over.  Of course, I love other sessions and weddings as well but these three are my main market.

There's actually a discussion in a photography group I am part of about this very subject.  Should we as photographers separate our specialities so we don't offend anyone?  Will the boudoir photographs I have in my gallery offend the soon to be mom that is viewing my work for her maternity and newborn sessions?  Will the newborn photographs turn off the bride that wants me to document her most important day of her life?  Personally, I don't think it will.  We (photographers) each have an ideal client that we want to work with and I've been extremely lucky to have had so many wonderful clients.  As a client you need to love my work because I am my work and if you don't love it, you won't love me.  I've used this analogy in the past; Your photographer is like a weddings dress.  Your dress needs to be a perfect fit and you need to fall in love with it, because if you don't you won't shine.  If you don't love your photographer, you won't shine either.

I stumbled on my designer through another friend photographer that she did some work for.  Rachel from Beyond Bliss Design has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  She's creative, fast, determined, and hard working.  I'm a very indecisive person, she's had to deal with that for not only the logo design but the blog redesign.  I love it.  I really, truly do Rachel.  She took my crazy combination of specialties and showcased them with a design that would appeal to all AND was able to add in the vintage, organic, clean look that I love.  Thank you for listening to me :)  I've had a lot of compliments and I hope I can send some fellow photog's your way!  While you're here take a look around and leave your  thoughts in the comments section.  I'd love to hear it!

Lets wrap this grammy award speech up.  My self discovery journey isn't over yet but this is who I strive to be.  I want to be the photographer that makes women feel and look beautiful.  I'm not a female rights activist by any means, but I do believe in the empowerment of being a woman.  We're kind of a big deal is this world.

A few other changes worth mentioning:  I've changed my client proofing software.  I had a few complaints about the flash site not loading, so I found something better and easier for orders.  Those that had galleries on the flash site, they're still there.  I've moved two to the new site, so check your email!  Also, I've updated my post-session preview appointments and I have something fabulous in store for you.  Ever wonder what your photographs would look like on your wall before you bought them?  I can make it happen :)

I'm looking for a local non-profit to do some volunteer shoots for.  Some of my long time fans know I attempted to start "Portraits for Heros" while living in South Carolina but the economy was at its worst and I didn't have the support I needed.  I'd love to get involved, so please pass my information along if an event, tribute, or family in need needs some pick-chas.  I've been involved in Shriners Hospital (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star through USA Dance), Breast Cancer (Images for a Cure), Light the Night (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society), and Wounded Warriors.

Good night!


Palm Beach Photographer | Thanks for Giving... Give away....

So much has happened both in my personal and career life over the last year.  I'm extremely grateful to all the amazing friends, family, and clients who have seen me through.  Photography has helped to keep my mind off of more pressing issues in my life.  It's something I could do all day every day and never get sick of it.  It's such an honor to be a part of your life, photograph your memories, and watch your families grow.  The biggest compliment you can give me is to refer a friend to me and I'm about 80% word of mouth.  So for that, I thank you.

The month of November serves as two events.  First, it's Thanksgiving (of course!) and second, it's the birthday month of Mirrored Images.  This year I will be giving away a session to one lucky individual.  Send me your story, your triumph, and your blessings and I will read it and choose one lucky person to give a session to.  Nothing is off limits here.  Wedding, newborn, high school senior, boudoir, maternity, etc.  You tell me in your submission what you're interested in and if you win, it's yours.

All entries must be received by November 16th at midnight.  Please email your story to and include your name, age, location (must be willing to travel to Palm Beach County), session interested in, and the best contact number.  Your story will not be shared publicly so please don't hold back.  Tell me why you deserve this, tell me what you're grateful for, and tell me what obstacles you've overcome in your life.

Destination Wedding Photographer | Erin + Charlie {Married!}

You know I am in love with a wedding when I stay up after driving 12 hours just to edit sneak peaks... just sayin'!

What a beautiful wedding.  Everything from the small details, to the venue, and of course the bride.  The weather was perfect for Erin and Charlie destination wedding in Myrtle Beach this weekend.  09/10/11, not only their wedding day but their team (Gamecocks) won, nice wedding gift huh?

Erin and Charlie are a stunning couple and their wedding wasn't missing anything.  The fantastic DJ's (Mr. Entertainment) put on a great show and got the crowd going.  Definitely one of the best receptions I've been to.  Erin's family has a family tradition to do the gator crawl to the song "shout."  I've never seen this done so in between laughs I snapped some hilarious photo's of all the men (and Erin) going wild on the dance floor.

Big thanks to Kelli ( for coming along to second shoot with me.  It was great working with you!  Also, HUGE thanks to my co-pilot for making the drive with me, I couldn't have done it without you.  We literally got in at 5am on Saturday and left at 6am Sunday.  I wouldn't have had it any other way; the wedding was worth every coffee, monster, and McDonalds stop we made on the way.

Congratulations to Erin, Charlie, and their new family together.  You both were fantastic to work with and I hope the memory of your wedding day will be relived each time you look at the images I've taken.

Whose ready for some pictures!?


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Beach wedding photographyReception picturesReception dancing

Dancing at the beachWedding ringsMyrtle Beach Erin and Charlie Wedding Party photographyBeach photography

Delray Beach FL Wedding Photographer | Mimi + Josue {Engaged}

Mimi was referred to me, through the wonderful word of mouth system.  Their wedding is 11/11/11 here in Palm Beach County and it's going to be a fun wedding, for sure.  This couple is super laid back, easy to get along with, and most important - so in l.o.v.e.  I caught so many candid shots of Josue pushing Mimi's hair out of her face, or staring into her eyes.  Sounds corny, but I swear it wasn't!  They're so sweet together.  We chose to photograph their session in the Morikami Gardens in Delray Beach.  Such a beautiful place, peaceful, and full of color.  We didn't make it far into the gardens because the heat was kickin' our tails, but we did get some great shots of them being in love :)

We went with a Chic/Geek theme which I thought was perfect because Josue is a gamer and into comic books and Mimi loves her geek!  So after a few fun themed shots we moved on to the more romantic, typical e-session shots.  I think they rocked it, they looked hot and of course in love!  Oh and her lashes, for real... I pay $5.99 a set to get lashes like that!  So jealous....


Engagement photography pictures of Josue & MimiEngagement picture at MorikamiEngagement ringsEngagement photos Palm beach FLEngagement pics of Josue & Mimi






Palm Beach Wedding Photographer | Summer Wedding Specials!

Do you know someone that's getting married and they haven't been able to find a photographer yet?  We all know the economy is tough right now and planning a wedding means pinching pennies.  I am a firm believer that photography is one of THE most important parts of a wedding, not because I am a photographer but because I feel that spending your money on everything else isn't worth it if you don't have quality photographs to remember it.

REFERRALS ::: If you refer someone who books their wedding with Mirrored Images, you will get $50 CASH!  Or you can be on the street team and get discounted session fee's and free products!! Read more here.... I'm also offering finders fee's to those who refer portrait sessions to me!  Ask me about it :)

To celebrate the summer, wedding season, and my relocation back to Palm Beach I am offering two pretty stellar wedding specials.

Option 1: One Photographer for up to 6 hours of wedding day coverage and a complimentary e-session for $1000!!  This also includes digital retouching of the images you order and an online proofing gallery. Savings of  $400

Option 2: One Photographer for up to 6 hours of wedding day coverage, a complimentary e-session, and a DVD of high resolution images for $1800.  This also includes digital retouching of the images on your DVD and an online proofing gallery. Savings of $400


Flush mount wedding albums (6x6, 9x9, or 12x12).

Print packages.

Canvas gallery wraps.

E-session guest book (have your guests sign a unique and personalized guest book at your wedding).

Photobooth at reception.

And much more!

$1,000... really?? Yes, really.

Book now, I will only accept a limited amount of contracts for this price.  Your deposit and signed contract must be received by September 17, 2011.  Promotion only valid for weddings within 50 miles of Palm Beach County.  Destination weddings and locations out of range will incur a travel fee.

Palm Beach Wedding Photographer | Trash The Dress {Mr & Mrs Parker}

Romy and Dallas just celebrated their 6th year wedding anniversary and as a gift for each other, it was picture time!  After 6 years and 2 kids Romy still looks amazing in her wedding dress.  We shot their trash the dress at the beach, where we drew a crowd of on lookers and even a few people who were trying to get IN the picture with them.  We were expecting rain from the south and we could see it down the beach, so we rushed through the session but managed to get some sexy and romantic images of them.

Here's to many more years of your marriage and love!

Greenville Wedding Photographer | Amie + Lukas {Engaged} !

The sun was out all day, it was beyond hot out and not a cloud in the sky.  On the way down Wade Hampton to tonights session the lighting started and the bottom of the sky fell out.  I was pretty nervous that the session would have to be rescheduled, but thankfully for us the rain stopped just as Amie and Lukas showed up at Paris Mountain State Park for their e-session.

The pair met through mutual friends while studying at a library.  Amie invited Lukas to her sorority's semi-formal because he was "safe" but soon after realized she actually liked him and he liked her!  So much for nice guys finishing last ;) .  He pulled off a surprise proposal that he's quite proud of because Amie always tries to figure out surprises!

Amie and Lukas are getting married at Twigs in Greenville on 9.3.11.  This will be my second wedding at Twigs, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they set up for a fall wedding because my first was in December and it was FREEZING!  Nonetheless, the decor was beautiful.

Congrats to you both and I look forward to your wedding!

Greenville Wedding Photographer | Erin + Charlie {Engaged} !

Erin and Charlie are having a beautiful destination wedding in Myrtle Beach on 9-10-11 ( Get it? )  Today we set out to photograph their engagement.  I remember emailing Erin asking if she wanted to book their session soon so we could avoid the summer heat, well today was the hottest day of the year.... coincidence that it was the day after the "rapture."  Lucky for the three of us, this location had plenty of shade, all we needed was a breeze and we'd be set!

You both were fun to work with and I can't wait to photograph your wedding!  (Smile Charlie!!)