Watercolor Art | New product!

I love exploring new products and it's been a hot minute since we've added something to our A La Carte menu.  Recently one of our clients posted on her instagram a watercolor painting she did and I loved (LOVED LOVED LOVEDDDD) it!  I immediately contacted her and asked her to take an image from her…

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Doggy Style | CoVid 2020

Giving doggy style a new meaning Before I get into the pictures, let me put a few disclaimers out there. 1: These images are in no way meant to "mock" or diss our clients.  I had a fun idea and thought it would get an extra giggle out of viewers to post pictures of our clients doing the same poses.…

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I feel more free | Boudoir Client

  Interview with Miss B What made you choose Mirrored Images Boudoir? Loved the images I saw on the website! Loved Jenn’s bio and felt her personality would make this all ok. Was there a reason you wanted to book a session? I am finally at peace with my body image and wanted to celebrate…

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Jamie K | Atlanta Makeup Artist

I have been wanting to write this post for over a month - but life got in the way.  I'd love to introduce you ladies to Jamie Kimbrough, one of Atlanta's premier makeup artists.  She has joined the Mirrored Image Boudoir team and we've been working together for the last few months.  Her work has…

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Photo cred: Naturally Boudoir (Julie Hunter) If you follow us on socials you know that we have a lot going on.  Not only is Chris (my boo thang) going through rehabbing from a super invasive surgery + now dealing with complications but we're also planning a wedding.  He insisted that we didn't…

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Out of Office(ish)

  For those that follow me (Jenn) on facebook, or the business on facebook/IG you know a little bit of what's going on in our personal life.  While we had hoped that this would be a quick one-and-done surgery with only a week of downtime (for me), my availability will continue to be limited…

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Destination Boudoir Sessions

*Staci (makeup artist), Sam (brand rep), Jenn (photographer)* Fun fact: We love to travel. (we also love doughnuts *this will make sense soon*) Over the last two years we've been blessed by the ability to bring our services to areas outside of Georgia in BEAUTIFUL locations.  Most recently we've…

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Limited Edition Penthouse Boudoir

Those four words together are MAGIC!  Lemme break it down for you... Limited Edition: sets to never be recreated, at a new location and completely different from anything you've seen on our site. Penthouse Boudoir: need I say more? In addition to the above, couples sessions + night shoots are up…

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5 reasons to do a couples boudoir session

Couples boudoir is awesome.  The End. Just kidding... it's not the end!  While the pictures speak for themselves, I will never be a "one liner" kinda gal so I am going to tell you WHY it's awesome. Celebrate your love: regardless of your age, gender, sexual preference, shape, marital status or…

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Christmas Sale | Holiday Boudoir

Christmas talk, already?  Well, what had happened was... I meant to throw a Christmas in July promo out there but I ran out of days in July.  So, let's call this promotion an end of summer sale! I recently asked the gals in the Glam Gang: Be Shameless page what type of product they would like to…

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Sparkle & Celebrate PINK 2019 | Breast Cancer Event

If you're new to the gang you may not be familiar with terms like "Glitter Tits" or "Bedazzle The Boobies" - which is totally fine, because I'm going to explain it all right here. In 2017 a group of talented artists came together to form Sparkle & Celebrate PINK, an event focused on pampering…

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Bustin’ The Myths | The Truth Behind Boudoir

  We all know the saying, "If I had a dime..." well, true story because if I had a dime for every time I heard the following statements/questions - I'd be a rich bitch!  I can tell you that I, a boudoir photographer, say the same shit ya'll do - and I promise that whoever is photographing me…

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