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Atlanta Boudoir Photographer | Boudoir Marathon

I am SO excited to announce this.  Seriously, I don’t think ya’ll understand the awesome-ness of this two day event Katie and I have planned.  Mirrored Images Photography and Cotton Rouge Photo are teaming up for a two day two location boudoir marathon.  Yes, you read that right.  How much sexiness can we bring to your life?  The possibilities are endless, honestly.  Oh and I can’t forget to mention Cotton Rouge & Co will be doing hair and make up for the shoots.  Thursday December 1 sessions will be in the Atlanta, Georgia area and Friday December 2 will be done at Katies studio in Taylors South Carolina (Taylors Mill… check it, its amazing).  How does this work?  Simple, we have 2-3 sets in mind and each lady will  spend time with both photographers.  So, not only are you getting an all inclusive photo session for half the price but you’re getting to work with BOTH photographers — although similar in style, Katie and my approach are slightly different and you’ll get to experience both.

Let’s knock out a couple of misconceptions about boudoir photography… Yes, you can do it.  I know it may seem scary but we’re pro’s and we will walk and talk you through it.  I promise after the first few shots (and some wine) you will settle right in and become the sexiest version of yourself.  We will help you from the moment you book with ideas for wardrobe, to assistance with posing and positions all the way up to the final product.  We got this (and so do you)!  So, let us help you give your lover boy the most incredible, unique and sexy holiday gift everrrrrrrrr.  I admit, it will be hard to top but I think he’ll forgive you…

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