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If you’re new to the gang you may not be familiar with terms like “Glitter Tits” or “Bedazzle The Boobies” – which is totally fine, because I’m going to explain it all right here.

In 2017 a group of talented artists came together to form Sparkle & Celebrate PINK, an event focused on pampering breast cancer survivors.  Myself, Cotton Rouge Makeup & Co, and Staci Gibbs spent the day with 5 women who will forever be deemed the OG’s.  It was such an emotional and selfishly rewarding day, we decided to make it a thing.  Last year talented body painter Natalka Tyniec and hair stylist Kristi Purvis joined us and an even greater level of amazingness was achieved.  Click here to see a sponsor list and images from the event.

This year we are adding my good friend Julie Hunter to the list of sponsors, she is boss babe of Creative Road Media and will be providing video for the event!

Well, now it’s time to one up that amazingness with our 2019 celebration of beauty and bravery!

Detail breakdown:
Where: Mirrored Images Boudoir: 800 Georgia Ave Suite 5&6, Gainesville GA 30501
When: Sept 8th starting at 10am
What: We are providing professional make up and hair, body painting, as well as a photo session (group and individual) to survivors and fighters of this disease.  Lunch, beverages, and snacks are also provided.  Participants must be willing to sign a model release (allows all artists who have volunteered their time to publish/post images and share this incredible experience with others), must be 18+ years old, be willing to travel to Gainesville, GA for a ONE DAY ONLY event.  
I am working on gathering other vendors to donate items so participants can walk away with a few additional gifts to remember the event.  Tshirts, body glitter, lotions, candles, soaps, etc.  If you or someone you know may be interested in donating, please contact me asap!
This event is FREE – the entire day is provided to you by volunteer artists.   We must be able to verify that you truly are a survivor or current fighter of breast cancer.  Please email if you wish to apply.  Include your name, age, location, your story of survival, and why this event is important to you.
Previous events participants:

“You’ve helped me begin to find myself again.  I’m getting more comfortable with how my body has changed and I am learning to embrace it…scars and all.  I really thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“My husband’s reaction to the Sparkle & Celebrate pictures was the best feeling in the world!!!!  He is so proud, he wants to share with everybody!  I know I am not a model, but after 10 years of hiding….I finally feel whole again.  I can never thank you enough – not only for what you did for me on the outside that day, but what you did for me on the inside for a lifetime!  Thank you!”

Thank you to our Sponsors:
Event organizer: Jenn Hyman
Makeup: Katie Cotton ( & Staci Gibbs (
Body Paint: Natalka Tyniec assisted by Sharon Dickinson 
Photographers: Jenn Hyman ( and Katie Cotton (
Cinematography: Julie Hunter (
T-Shirts: Vinylly There’s Hope (Jessica Kaplan)