I booked this session because I had gained some weight after having my son. I hit the point where I said enough is enough. I got a trainer and made it my fitness goal to lose weight, feel better about me, and to reward my efforts with a boudoir session. I spent about 6 months working on myself and losing almost 30 lbs. During that time, the shoot was my motivation to be my best self again.  I was definitely nervous. I had never had professional hair and makeup done or walked around in front of a stranger half naked before either.  Jennifer made me feel so comfortable. We went through the questionnaire together to confirm what parts of me I wanted to focus on and what areas made me uncomfortable. She went through my outfits with me. Everything was laid back like a girl’s night out. She helped direct all the poses so I didn’t have to worry about a thing.  The response was better than expected. I was amazed at how many photos I loved of ME! My husband loved them. Even my friends were super supportive and thought they turned out amazing.  My favorite parts were being all done up like a model and seeing the beautiful end results at the reveal.  I still keep looking at the images of myself daily and still in awe of the experience. My husband is proud of me for accomplishing so many goals as a part of this experience. I’m proud of myself too!  I would say this is a must have experience. Add this to your bucket list and cross it off! We beat ourselves up so much and we don’t appreciate ourselves enough as women or as mothers. We are amazing as we are and what better way of showing it by showing that we can be powerful, sexy, fun, and vulnerable all at the same time.  I feel more confident and sexy now. I can do whatever I want to do and I am my only limitation.  Thank you so much for this experience, for your expertise, for making me feel right at ease, and for giving me something I can carry with me as a reminder of how great it is to be a woman inside and out!