I have wanted to have boudoir photos taken for a long, long time. After having two kids, I have struggled “losing that baby weight”. I kept telling myself that when I’d lose 20 more pounds I would reach out to a photographer and schedule the session. I live a super busy lifestyle managing dental practices, a household, and my clothing boutique. With my busy life I have neglected to make the time, and I think I’ve dropped and put back on the 20 lbs three times at least. I finally took the plunge last Saturday. The entire experience, from the wine to the amazing hair and makeup by Staci Gibbs, the gorgeous lingerie selection, the music, the atmosphere, and Jennifer. Then there is Jenn. Wow. She eased all of my fears with a sweet smile and hug upon entering her fabulous studio. She was fun, energetic, professional, and so incredibly talented. She explained exactly how I needed to position myself for each pose and guided me through the entire photo shoot. I simply selected Jenn to do these photos for me because her website, social media, and blog stood out above any others I researched. After going through this experience, the “wow” of all of those things doesn’t compare with the personal touch she has on everything else. My husband still has no clue, as this was designed to be a Christmas gift for him. I got so much more than that out of this experience. I would be lying if I said that these photographs didn’t help to renew my sense of self. Of beauty. Of me. Thank you Jenn and Staci for this experience. It was worth every single penny, and then some. Ladies, whatever your reservations are about boudoir photos, I say look over them and find a way to DO IT.