I booked this boudoir session as a gift for my husband. This is something I said I’d do for him 3 years ago and didn’t end up going through with it.  I wasn’t nervous until Jenn got to the house! I’m a photographer myself and used to being behind the camera. I calmed down once she started shooting, she knew exactly what she was doing and it wasn’t uncomfortable at all.  The response to my session was better than what I expected, my husband was blown away.  My favorite part of the session was the photos-they were stunning! I bought them all.  I’d like to do this again. I have more ideas and you have a new studio space!  To women who are on the fence: This is totally worth it- Jenn is awesome, very approachable and very professional.  I wasn’t the least bit worried about running around in lingerie the whole time she was here. She knew how to pose me to make me beautiful and used poses that were not too risqué since this was my first shoot. She also incorporated my ideas, i.e. Husbands Harley, his plaid shirt.  This was just all around a great experience. I’ve been married for almost 22 years, have a 19 year old and twin 17 years olds and they are all about to leave the nest. This definitely re-sparked my relationship with my husband again. And I feel like I have a new friend in Jenn!