I wanted to tell you how much fun I had and what a great experience it was.  You’re really professional and I appreciate your artistic eye.  My response was, ‘that cannot be me!’  I am blown away by what you can do with a camera!  I chose you because I have seen some of your work and think you have an amazing gift of photography.  You are also such a warm and genuine person that it was an easy choice for such a personal decision.  My favorite part was feeling beautiful, feminine and empowered at the same time.  I love the way my husband still talks about the photos.  He tells me ‘Now you see what I see when I look at you’.  We bought a huge album. My husband could not decide which ones he loved the most so we got almost all of them!  You and Staci were amazing to work with.  You made you feel confident, beautiful and comfortable.  I really enjoyed my reveal session and it was so special to share that part with my husband.