“I wanted to share my photo shoot experience. I was so excited and nervous leading up to it. I wanted it to be as awesome as I had heard. I posted how I worried I was about finding outfits, dealing with summer tan lines, and finding a neutral nail color I loved (I wear darks). I planned my hair cut & color and wax so that I would look my best.

The week of was a blast. Ladies, you figure that part out. I’m not posting how awesome I had leading up to it. 

The day before I read and reread the details of what to do and what I needed. I checked to see what time I should leave to get there in plenty of time. I went to the movies and had a great night until after the movies. On my way to another spot and was involved in a hit and run. I was nailed from behind while stopped at a red light. I’m alright. Car needs work. I still have a sore back. Car was drivable…so I knew I would make it to my shoot. Yes I was thinking about my shoot for a moment at the time of the wreck.

Day of shoot…soooo much excitement and nerves. Staci was so quick with applying professional makeup and gorgeous styled hair. She is also a great listener. When done, she shows me to Jennifer. She is ready with more options of outfits from her collection and ready to see what I had. From there it’s put the outfits on and show her. I listened to her suggestions and off we go!

Back and forth from one side of the studio to the other. One outfit then another. My favorite sayings: pose like this, I’ll remind you, don’t move, eyes closed, look back, look at me, breathe through your mouth, elbows in, legs together, tush up, pop out your chest, point your toes…

She’s got you in every way possible. She’s flying around getting all the shots. Ah-mazing! Need a break? Need a water? She’s got you. It’s fast and fun. You are sweating. This is work for all involved.

These ladies make you look amazing!! Don’t doubt that at all.

Next thing you know you are back in your car making selfies of the makeup job. you anxiously await the email with a couple of pics, a sneak peek.

I didn’t know if THIS body could look as amazing and gorgeous as the others I have seen shared in this group. I didn’t feel like I had done a good enough job. Did I smile? Did I look sexy? Were my eyes going to look cross-eyed? Oh the fat rolls and big thighs! How would those look??

A sneak peek is given. I was a little leary. I didn’t feel as amazing yet as I had read about. I shared with a few trusted friends and of course they said great things. I see my flaws. I’m somehow still unsure of the full results. I’m unsure it was worth it. I’m scared.

Then days later I get to see all 105 photos from my shoot. OMG!! That’s me! I me in that shot and that one! Ooooh. I love that one too! Ok, that one I can’t get past my rolls. Jen talks to me and walks me off the ledge. I’m at ease now. She is like a therapist for sure. I’m having fun.

The process to whittle down pics is a challenge. You say goodbye to some pics that are so beautiful. I can’t believe that’s me.

I’m in love with it ALL now. The magic of the experience is worth it! Seeing myself looking like this is hard to describe. It was emotional and worth every penny. My current self and future self are SO thankful for this experience. It’s a gift to ME (no one else…well maybe anyone else who comes across these pics or I share them with). 

Thank you so much.”


Can I just say… I CRIED when I read this.  I am so grateful that Miss E took the time to share this run down with the ladies in our private Glam Gang group on facebook.  I believe in what we do, but every.single.time someone else is emotionally tied to this experience it is PUSHING us to keep going.

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