Don’t you want to join the tribe?

I started our VIP group on Facebook in June, I was hesitant to make a group of ladies only where boudoir would be the hot topic.  Boudoir isn’t something that EVERYONE is on board with right away.  I believe through education and testimonials, more women are coming around to the idea of boudoir and that it isn’t JUST pictures in your panties.  The group has over 2200 members, and facebook tells me that 2100 are active.  That’s INCREDIBLE!!  The members are active on a regular basis giving support and love to each other.  It is rarely about boudoir, rather a tribe of women who all want the same thing…. community over competition, positivity, and growth as individuals.

It doesn’t matter where you live, what your career is, whether or not you have children… this group of women, this tribe, will be encouraging to you and something you look forward to when you open facebook.

Join us. You can leave at any time.