Where are all my Boudie Brides? If you’re at the beginning stages of planning and you desperately need some guidance or you simply want some day of wedding help – Jade with JLadson Weddings is your lady! She recently spotlighted us on her blog and we are so excited! Check out the interview below!

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One of my goals for 2018 is to do something special this year that included all of my ah-mazzzzing vendors. I decided that each month I will showcase one vendor so by the end of the year we will have compiled a list of 12 superstar partners to share with the world.
Our first vendor spotlight is a little out of the ordinary when you think of vendors who work with wedding planners – Boudoir Photography. Seriously ladies, this is the PERFECT gift for your soon to be groom, and speaking from experience, it will make you feel sexier than YOU ever imagined.

Seriously, take a look at her Instagram and Facebook to see her amazing work! She even has a VIP Facebook group that will give you access to exclusive offers and sexy photos!

I interviewed Jenn, owner and photographer at Mirrored Images Boudoir out of Gainesville, GA to see what she had to say about this thriving industry and her business!

Q: How and when did you get started in Boudoir Photography?

I started shooting boudoir back in 2008.  I was primarily a wedding and portrait photographer at that time, when a bride asked me to do a boudoir shoot.  I instantly fell in love with the experience and confidence it brought her and added boudoir to my services.  This year I removed all other services so that I could focus solely on boudoir

Q: What changes have you seen in Boudoir Photography from when you opened to today?

So many!  I remember doing a bridal show in 2009 and I wanted to highlight my boudoir photography, attendees were not even interested in talking to me (I had a few very conservative canvas prints showcased).  This past August I did another bridal show and we had SO many women who were interested, stopped to talk to us, gave us their contact info. I think the idea of self love and feeling the empowerment is finally becoming acceptable.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your team and how it has grown since you first started out on your own; What is your role and level of involvement in every shoot?

I’ve always been the sole photographer.  Until this year I handled every aspect in the business (marketing, shooting, editing, sales, accounting, on .. and on…) aside from makeup & hair.  I have an amazing lead stylist, Staci, that provides our clients with the perfect look for their session.  I also have a super bubbly and fun marketing gal that we brought on a few months ago, she handles the behind the scenes marketing and networking.

Q: What makes Mirrored Images unique?

I focus on the experience we can provide the clients.  It’s not about pictures in your panties (although we do that) but it’s about embracing who you are, today.  It’s not about who or what you could look like with a ton of editing.  I tell all my clients that I do minimal editing, which is primarily skin smoothing, but I do not nip or tuck.  Women can’t compare themselves to models or actresses, that’s not real life.  This session is about self-love and body positivity.

Q: What are the biggest benefits of participating in a Boudoir shoot?

Feeling like a supermodel!  What girl doesn’t want to feel that way?  My girls email/call/text me months and even years later and tell me that they were having a crappy day until they brought up their pictures from the session.  It’s a daily reminder to LOVE who you are.  It’s a daily reminder that you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone and did something incredible for yourself.

Q: How do you assist your clients with budget?

We take credit cards, cash & checks.  We also offer in house payment plans and accept PayPal credit.  Our products are tailored to suit clients with a range of budgets.

Q: How do you assist your clients with nerves and or being self conscious?

I’m a total goof ball.  I make a fool out of myself 🙂 . Plus we have wine!  On a serious note, the makeup and hair is a key element to this experience.  While you’re getting glammed up, Staci and I chat with you.  Who doesn’t loosen up with some girl talk?  After you see your makeover, you totally feel like a supermodel and the session starts!  I show clients images on the back of my camera where they look amazing, no editing involved and the nerves just naturally fade.

Q: Tell us a little bit about the packages you offer. Which is the most popular package, and how do you help clients determine what package is right for them? What is the price range for your packages?

Our packages range from $1399 to $3549, we also have a la carte options so clients can build their own package.  Our most popular package includes an hour session, two makeup looks, an album, a USB with digitals, and a large metal print or a 3D retro view finder.  It also includes a mobile slideshow.  I am not a sales person, I don’t force anyone into spending more money than they’re comfortable.  I personally believe all clients should get an album because it will get looked at more than just digitals.  I ask my clients to think 5 or 10 years down the road, snuggled up on the sofa, or on a romantic getaway.  Would you want to pull out your phone or lap top to look at digitals, or would you want to sit together and look at a custom album together?

Q: What is the one thing that you see your clients struggle with the most? What are the most important questions you think they should ask when starting the Boudoir process?

Most clients struggle with the cost, women don’t like to spend money on theirselves.  It is an investment, but it’s an investment in you as a person.  It’s an experience that lasts.  I’ve been told countless times that it spiced up their love life and helped reignite the fire.  It’s an investment in your relationship!  I have a welcome guide that answers pretty much every question imaginable.  The most FAQ is on clothing: We have lingerie in the studio size Xsmall to 4 XL.  Clients bring their own and together we decide on the best options.

Q: What qualities or skills do you think are important for potential clients to look for in a Boudoir Photographer?

It definitely needs to be someone you feel comfortable with.Take a moment to read through their website, to check out their social media and see how they interact with others. Finding someone with the experience to pose all body types and to photograph different styles of boudoir is important as well.  Cost shouldn’t play a role in your decision.  Many clients have told me that they had a horrible boudoir experience in the past, not only was it a waste of money but it made them feel bad about who they were.  That is the total opposite of what boudoir is!  Save the money, do a payment plan… it will be worth it to pick someone with the right experience.

Q: Do you have a most memorable moment from all your years of photography?

I’d say this year is my most memorable!  I finally took the plunge and got a studio and it has been the busiest and most successful year to date!  Women are raving about their experience & their newfound self confidence.  Everyone LOVES our studio, the 19th century charm and our vintage furniture pieces coupled with modern options as well.

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