Hey ladies!!

This morning Mirrored Images had a TV segment taping for Peachtree TV and CBS46 — it was amazing! (Make sure you all tune in on Thursday 10/5 at 9am on Peachtree TV to see the end result!) During my time over in the studio, I noticed something really interesting. Every time I would bring up why I was there, people would get really uncomfortable and squeamish really, almost like it was super uncomfortable for them to talk about Boudoir. And I get it, I really do, not everyone is as comfortable with their sexuality, or frankly – as comfortable with being naked, as I am with them being naked (lol), but I was really taken back by their response.


Let me also pre-face the remainder of this post with the fact that I used to work at CBS46 so everyone I was talking to it was a very friendly conversation. I already knew all of them and we had a pre existing relationship – which I thought would make it more comfortable.

Anyway, I brought up the fact I was there for a Boudoir photographer and then I would ask if they were interested in doing a shoot, the only answer I heard was “oh no way.” But ladies, WHY? Once I really started to talking to a few of my ladies and digging deeper into Boudoir some of them warmed up to the idea of the concept — but not yet to doing a shoot. We’re still working on that!

With that being said, I thought I would share some of my top reasons I think its important for all of you to at least have an open mind to doing a Boudoir shoot! Keep in mind, I’ve done a boudoir shoot so I really know first hand how it makes you feel!

  1. You feel so sexy! Honestly ladies, everything from the hair and the make up application to the actual shoot, I FELT AMAZING. I really didn’t know I could feel that good. It was a different kind of sexy too. Not the kind that you feel when you get dolled up and go out on the town with your significant other. It was a deep within sexy, I felt it deeper than just a superficial feeling.
  2. It’s empowering. I guess this kind of goes hand in hand with the feeling sexy part with a little twist. When I left that studio I felt like I could run the world. I wanted to go out and allow as many people as possible to see me. I actually remember picking up dinner later that night – a to go order – and I still had full hair and make up on but I had left the studio in pajama like clothing (because I wasn’t going to leave in lingerie). I was literally in pajamas walking in to get my food and I walked in that restaurant with my head held SO HIGH. No one was stopping me. I still get this same feeling every time I look through my book!
  3. Your significant other will go crazy. I can’t put a word to describe how it made me feel when I saw and heard his reaction to my photos. First of all, I don’t think he knew what to expect. He’s not really one to pay attention to what “Boudoir” is, so I think that made the reaction that much better. He had no idea what was coming his way! The same night I had my shoot, I got home and saw a sneak peak of 3 of my photos. I sent one of them in a text to my man and his reaction was “wow who is that” HE HAD NO IDEA IT WAS ME. At first I was kind of angry like “WHAT?! HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THAT’S ME” but then I realized he was just so taken back he couldn’t fully comprehend what he was looking at. I made the choice to only show him a few photos before I got the book. Every now and then when I knew he was at work or doing something important I would sneak a photo into his messages — this was just a fun teasing method for me, if your lover works closely with his or her boss, I wouldn’t suggest doing this unless you want the boss to see your tatas as well. When I finally got the book and he saw all the photos, he was speechless, he LOVED them. We’ve had the album for over a month now and I will come home from work and see the book laying out on the coffee table, and it was not there when I left in the morning! He just cant get enough!

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Moral of the story ladies — give Boudoir a shot. At the very least allow yourself to THINK about it. It’s not all about a naked photo shoot, it really is about so much more than that!