It’s unfortunate that women don’t invest in themselves more.  We, as women, even feel guilty to get our hair done or buy new clothes.  With all we do for our families we truly do deserve more for ourselves.  If nerves are stopping you from doing a boudoir session, I can and will help you through that.  But, if your reason is financially fueled then I have yet another option to make your boudoir session happen.

I currently accept payment through cash, check, and credit.  I offer payment plans which can be spread out over the course of 3 months following your session.  I also accept paypal credit which gives you SIX MONTHS interest free financing through paypal and you get your products immediately.  But if you need more I now have Boudie Bucks, so keep reading…

  • Pick your session: One hour or Two hours
  • Pick your products (you can start low and upgrade of you decide to)
  • Decide on an amount you feel comfortable paying: weekly, biweekly, or monthly.  The amount can be spread out over 12 months to make the payments even lower!
  • It’s time to schedule: 4-6 weeks out from your final payment we will get your boudie on the calendar!
  • *If at any time during the Boudie Buck program you decide that you want to go ahead and book before paying the full amount off, you can do that too!

A few things to keep in mind with the Boudie Bucks:

  • IF you are interested in a boudoir session for a certain occasion (birthday, holiday, etc) and it is less than 6 months away, paypal credit or a payment plan may be a better option.
  • Payments made into the Boudie Bucks account are not refundable.
  • Following your session, if you want to add additional products or upgrade… you can!


Not only does every woman deserve to experience a boudoir session, but every woman should be able to have the product she wants the most.  I highly recommend my custom albums because they are beautiful and will last a lifetime.  You’re beautiful and empowering images deserve to be seen and showcased in a classy way.  Now, with Boudie Bucks every woman can afford this.