What an AMAZING opening week!  I am so excited to continue photographing in this beautiful space and introducing women to Gainesville’s premier boudoir studio.  Last week I photographed three beautiful women, who all had different and equally moving reasons as to why they chose to do a boudoir session with me.  I’ll share their stories over the next few days, but first I wanted to share mine.

My purpose? My reason why? Its simple: I believe it’s time to overcome the ancient views of sexuality and the double standards we all learn growing up. Girls are taught to abstain from sex while boys are given condoms (I am NOT advocating kids having sex…). Women are shunned for showing pictures in swim suits but men can post topless gym pictures no big deal, etc.

It’s time to own your sexuality and redefine the view of what sexy is. This is a life changing event, an investment in yourself and your happiness.

Women come to the studio with a vision of what they want, it’s my job to push your boundaries and expand your views to make this an incredible experience. Most clients think they want the light and fluffy pictures, but once they see their images 90% of the products I create include images where I pushed them past their comfort zone. Yes they’re suggestive, yes they’re raw, but they’re also beautiful and empowering. They’re not pornographic. I never have a client touch themselves – I use angles to make it appear that way.

Women need to feel beautiful, we need to feel desired and appreciated. We can do all that for ourselves through a boudoir session PLUS if you have a partner they will have a new appreciation and desire for you as well. Once you see yourself through my lens, you’ll see a whole new side you never knew existed.

Mothers often tell me prior to booking how guilty they feel spending this time and money on themselves – but when is the last time you did something special just for you? I’m not talking a hair style or manicure… most women can’t recall the last time. Imagine if money wasn’t a factor, would you do it then?

Mirrored Images Boudoir is the only boudoir studio in Gainesville Georgia.   This is my specialty, my passion, and my mission. I’ve been photographing boudoir since 2008 and know exactly what each client needs and how to get them there.

Whether you love or hate what I do, you’re still going to talk about it. I invite you to open your mind and own your sexuality.

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“The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description.”

(Hey… Thats me!) Photo credit: Cotton Rouge Photo 

Believe it or not, posting my own images was difficult. You’d think because I have done this for so long it wouldn’t be but I’ve had body image issues since I was a teenager and struggled with eating disorders multiple times throughout my life. In 2010 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, had my thyroid removed and my weight was uncontrollable.

A year ago I photographed Katie and backed out of my session with her… I “wanted to tone” and “drop 10 pounds.” I said all the things to her that I talk my clients through on a regular basis. This past week Katie and I photographed each other and I pushed through the doubts I had and completely let her take over. Not only did I feel beautiful during the session, but seeing myself after… and my boo’s reaction… I wish I did it a year ago and I can’t wait to do it again.

If I don’t practice what I preach my words hold no weight. I believe in what I do, I believe in the incredible experience it offers women and I believe that all women need to spend more time loving and appreciating themselves.