A few of the most common questions I get are:

  • Do you use flash?
I do use flash, but it varies on the session type.  I love the look of natural light but I also love making my subjects pop and a little bit of fill light will do that so that I don’t have to spend time editing after. 
  • Do you airbrush?
I do, I love for my clients to look their best.  I will remove scars, blemishes, under eye bags, etc.  I prefer not to make you look “porcelain”  and fake.  
  • How much editing do you do?
I try to set my camera up exactly how I want it so that it limits the amount of editing after.  Knowing your camera, loving your camera, and getting along with your camera is very important.  I don’t feel that photoshopping makes you a photographer, I think it can take your art to the next level but you shouldn’t rely solely on photoshop or other like products to make you an artist.  Although if I have an image that I adore, I will spend hours working on it to see what I  can do to it.
  • How long does it take to get my pictures?
I’m crazy OCD, I usually tell you 2-3 days but get it done in a day haha.  I have to get one session edited and posted before I can move on to the next and I don’t want to get backed up.
Here’s a sample of a before and after.  The top image was straight out of my camera and the bottom is edited.  There’s a very small difference because I had my camera set up how I wanted it.  I smoothed their skin, brought out the high/low lights and called it a day.  Another reason why it doesn’t take long for you to get your pictures 😉
Disclaimer: I am by no means claiming to be the best photographer in the world, this is my style and it works for me and my clients.  This is just an informative blog about why choosing a professional photographer over someone who just bought a camera is worth the money.