As you scroll through wedding photography business sites there’s a common word, photojournalism. If they’re all claiming to possess this technique then why are their images so different?

I went through my parents wedding album the other day(35 years ago next month, go mom and dad!) and saw a lot of posing and staged shots.  These are shots I tend to stray from.  It’s inevitable that photographs of the family with the B & G will need to be set up, but why stay in that frame of mind?  Think outside the box and incorporate your surroundings to aid you in your creativity.

So the big question here is ‘What is photojournalism?’    Think about it for a moment;  what is it that a journalist does?  They find a story and they capture it through their descriptive words to insure that you feel as if you were there yourself when reading the story.  A photojournalist has the same effect on viewers.  As you flip through the photographs you feel the moment, you feel the emotion and you feel the real events of the evening.  Weddings are full of emotion and should never be bottled up and contrived.

Creating the moment, setting the atmosphere, stand here, put your hand there… those are not traits of a photojournalistic photographer.  The moment is already created and it is our job to capture it, as is.  The atmosphere is beautiful and full of love, why change that?  A good photojournalist needs more than just camera skills.  Personality and people skills are just as important.  A photographer must be able to interact with the guests and make them feel comfortable with the camera and with themselves.  It is our jobs, as photographers, to capture the moment as it happens and to capture you and your guests flawlessly.

I personally like to be in the middle of the action.  A lot of photographers prefer to stand in a corner so they’re out of the way.  I agree with that to a certain extent.  But when guests are huddled and having a great time, I want to be right there with them snapping away and catching every moment of it.

The publics perception of photography is not what it used to be.  As I have stated in a previous article, anyone can buy a fancy camera.  It is important that the public understand that photography is an art and a craft.  A lifetime of memories should not be jeopardized in an attempt to save money so when planning your wedding make sure to leave room for a professional photographer.  If chosen for the right reasons, you will never regret spending the extra money.

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