May is the busiest time of year to get married.  Every contact I’ve received in the last 2 months has been in reference to a May wedding!  A few questions I have been asked lately:

Do I get to choose which second photographer you have with you? Yes!  I can make suggestions on who I think would fit your style and needs the best but of course you get to choose!  I work with Clint from C&C Photography and Eric Mack from Eric Mack Photography and you are more then welcome to check out their work and make the decision for yourself!

If my wedding is less then a month away, do I need to pay right away? With your wedding being less then a month away I do suggest that you book and save the date.  Remember, I also work full time as a paramedic and I schedule portrait sessions just days or weeks ahead of  time.  I need to adjust my schedule asap, which isn’t a problem.

If another photographer is offering a promotion, will you match it? My prices are generally lower than other local photographers so I take each promotion into consideration.

Does unlimited hours mean just on the wedding date? Yes, I will arrive at your venue or hotel at the time you request and stay until the bride and groom leave.  The unlimited hours do not include other sessions.

Can I incorporate a Trash The Dress session into my Bridal Session?  Is there a higher charge? Yes and no.  Your bridal session is your style, the way you want it.  If you want to go all out and make it into a modified TTD that is your decision and I am here to make it happen.

Do you have back up equipment? Yes!

If I donate to Portraits for Heroes will I get a discount off my session? Unfortunately, I can not do that.  Portraits for Heroes and Mirrored Images are financially separate.

If I pay in cash do I get a discount? I offer 1% off if you pay in cash and an additional 2% if you pay in full.  However, if you pay in full during our first meeting you will receive 5% off.

If my venue changes will you charge more? If you originally had a local wedding and it is now a “destination” wedding, there is a fee.  Anything 50 miles outside of Greenville County carries a traveling fee, which is subject to my discretion.

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