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Ooooooooo this boudoir studio — I’m so happy with how it’s turning out!  Here’s some quick progress pictures (and if I can control myself it’ll be thee last progress picture until the big reveal in August!  Haven’t heard?  We’re having a Ladies Night In Studio Grand Opening event on August 18th… click me!) Our ladies night event will be everything you could possibly want for a girls night (in) and it’s FREE.  Every lady who RSVP’s will get a swag bag filled with awesome promotions from other vendors.  The only potential $$ for you is if you want to have a mini makeover + head shot ($50).  And hello, it’s a Friday night so come pre-game, get glammed up, enjoy the space, and then go out after!  The event ends at 10pm and you’ll be ready to go!

I have sessions booked through the Ladies Night In — and CANNOT wait to get ladies in here and start shooting!  T-minus 1 week!

My man has been working on this space every day; hanging decor, picking up supplies, rewiring things, setting up the TV (for the MOST awesome in personal reveals), painting…. the list goes on and on.  I am so blessed to have this man, our teenager (who has to be bribed with FroYo to help and still pouts), and the opportunity to share this space and my love for boudoir photography with everyone.


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Bachelotette boudoir party, girls night, atlanta, north georgia

Bridal boudoir, yes it’s a thing and it’s a thing that your man will LOVE.  Many of my clients contact me to reignite their love spark and do a boudoir shoot many years into their marriage.  What if you did a bridal boudoir session to jump start your new life and document this milestone?  There will be a glow on your face and happiness in your smile… all because of the magical day you’re approaching and it WILL show in the boudoir photographs.  You’re already preparing for the wedding, likely dieting and working out among other things… celebrate and document your hard work!  A boudoir session is the ultimate gift for your groom on your wedding day, plus what better time to go lingerie shopping?!  Hello honeymoon hotness!

“I don’t have the time.”  — I hear this from brides who are planning their weddings and don’t think they can take a break from it.  Why not pamper yourself?  You deserve a day off from planning and chaos, a day to embrace and love yourself… and I guarantee you that you will feel rejuvenated after seeing how incredible you look.  You’ll come to the studio and get your hair & make up done, I’ll go through the outfits you’ve brought with you and decide on the best options, we have wine & music… all your nerves will be gone and you’ll LOVE it (so much that you’ll likely book me for a repeat sesh).  We’ll keep the fact that this is actually a gift to yourself a secret… I do not recommend arranging for a boudoir session on the morning of your wedding, the session should be planning 6-8 weeks ahead of your wedding date so that there is plenty of time for products to be designed and printed.

“I don’t have anything to wear.” — Well, that’s okay because brides wear white and I have plenty of white sheets!  Plus, lets be real for a moment… most brides buy cute panties or robes that say “bride” on them, or a tank with something related to the wedding.  I’ll help you decide what’s the best option for your bridal boudoir shoot.  I have an entire guide dedicated to helping you prepare, shop, and execute this session plus I’ve been a boudoir photographer since 2008 so I have the experience to guide you through it.

“Where?” — this is the easy part.  My studio is located @ 800 Georgia Ave #5 in Gainesville GA.  It is romantic, vintage, dreamy and sexyyyyy.  Boudoir photography is offered at the studio or can be done at a location you choose.  Some brides have requested the session be at the same location as their wedding venue, that’s totally fine with me!  I love getting out of the studio and exploring new space.

“Can I just add it on to my wedding photography?” — Yes, I’m sure you can.  I’m sure your wedding photographer also offers boudoir and you will likely get a package rate.  Mirrored Images Boudoir specializes in boudoir photography.  As a photographer, posing people to look their best is a skill you achieve over time BUT posing someone who is wearing little to no clothing and using lighting and angles to maximize the best possible look for each woman that comes into my studio… that’s something that took years of shooting, education and workshops to master.  I believe boudoir photography should be done only by those who are passionate about it because it translates into your images and your finished products.  I actually removed wedding photography from my services this year because I know there are photographers who are more passionate about weddings than I am and my focus is 100% boudoir.

Side note: Are you trying to think of a fun and unique way to celebrate with your girls for your bachelorette party?  This is the ultimate Girls Night Out event.  Here’s how it works: The bride sets up a party date with Mirrored Images Boudoir, at the studio.  She can invite up to 10 girls (if you need to invite more than 10 that’s fine but we need notice!), if 4 girls attend the bride gets her shoot FREE but if 8+ attend the bride gets a FREE shoot and a FREE 6×6 little black book!  So, your girls have the opportunity to give YOU a present which is also a gift for the hubs.  That’s pretty magical, right?  Also, if the bride isn’t coordinating this party, we’ll give a $100 credit to the lovely lady that is.  Do you want to make it a theme?  We can do that too!  Previous theme have been pin-up, vampire, career specific (teacher, nurse, etc)… lets use our imagination.

Ultimately, I recommend bridal boudoir for the same reason I do any boudoir session… you deserve to see yourself as beautiful as everyone else sees you.  Boudoir photography is an incredibly vulnerable form of photography, but it is the most rewarding to my clients.  I work with women of all ages, shapes and sizes and 90% of my clients have absolutely no experience in front of the camera.  Your transformation from your initial email requesting information to when you receive the product is one that no other form of photography can do for you.  I guarantee you that after your session with me you will love yourself and appreciate your body for what it is.  You will find your sexy and you will be totally empowered on a natural high that you never knew existed.

In 10, 20, 30 years you are going to look back on these images, pat yourself on the back and say, “I did this!”

I have done multiple bridal boudoir photo shoots since starting boudoir photography in 2008.  This, along with regular boudoir photography, is a very private and intimate session and I only receive permission to use certain photos which is why I don’t have many for you to look at.  Please schedule a private consultation with me if you’d like to see more.

Still need more convincing?  Join my VIP boudoir group on facebook.


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Ladies, check out this LADIES NIGHT event on facebook: Studio Grand Opening, Gainesville GA.

Eventbrite listing will allow you to reserve your mini make over session ahead of time.  I want to be a supermodel!

RSVP to the event itself or

If you don’t have facebook here are the details:

Ladies! You do NOT want to miss this event.

You asked for a girls night in… you asked for a make up demo. Well, you’re getting that and SO much more.

To celebrate the Grand Opening of Mirrored Images Boudoir studio in Gainesville we are planning a fun, memorable and totally girlie night in.

Katie Cotton, lady boss of Cotton Rouge & Co (make up and hair) and Cotton Rouge Photo (boudoir photography) is joining us from Greenville SC to do a live make up demo. She has been my friend since I started boudoir many years ago and it wouldn’t be a party without her! She will also be offering mini make overs to every girl for $50 and I will give a complimentary head shot . Please RSVP in advance if this is something you’re interested in so she can bring additional make up artists if needed. My local make up artist, Staci Gibbs will be there to meet everyone too.

The make up demo is to start at 7:30 PM and shortly after we will have a LIVE boudoir demo so you ladies can see what this experience is all about! Don’t worry, she’ll have clothing on 😉 Enjoy some wine or a cocktail while you sit back and watch the show.

Every lady that attends will receive a goodie bag packed with savings from local vendors that you are guaranteed to LOVE as much as I do. But, the best gift you’ll get from this night is a ONE NIGHT ONLY Grand Opening special for boudoir photography that will only be announced and sold at the event.

Please RSVP by Aug 4th, bring friends (ladies only) but they must RSVP too. If you do not RSVP you may not get a goodie bag and that would be tragic!

Music, make up, wine, boudoir, savings, promotions, good times with your girls… what else could you want? Fun surprises in store for the ladies that attend… 😉


Can’t wait to see ya’ll there!



Oh hello.  I’m currently in Doylestown PA and I love this town.  It’s so cute, historic and everything I want in my brand.  There are antique stores everywhere!  The houses here are so beautiful, some are from the 1800’s.  We’re visiting family for Memorial Day and I have a little bit of downtime before dinner so… here’s the latest client love!  Mrs. A is a young professional, mom, and a smokin’ wife.  Unfortunately I can’t share any of her images with you BUT I can share her kind words from the experience…

I chose Mirrored Images because of the classy way she described boudoir photography.  I did this as an anniversary gift to my husband, which I’ve thought of doing for the last four years.  After having kids I thought it would be an empowering experience and a gift my husband wouldn’t expect.  Yes, I was nervous. for sure.  It’s very vulnerable and like nothing I’ve ever done. The session was chill and just me and Jenn in the room–she made me feel totally comfortable and helped me relax and posed me for my body to look my best!  My favorite part of the experience was just the empowerment that I feel as a woman and being about to be confident for my husband–he will love this!  I’d recommend this to everyone, it makes you feel confident and Jenn will totally walk you through the process with patience.


Thanks Mrs. A!  <3 <3


The beautiful place that I will soon call my studio is getting a few renovations this week, I’ll be stopping in to make a few of my own — and after our trip to Florida the studio will be open and ready for you beautiful ladies and your boudoir photography sessions.  I have a lot of fun and exciting news to release, so stay tuned!

Gainesville Ga boudoir photographer located in a beautiful historic 19th century building with incredible charm and soft lighting.

Yesterday was a bit of a hectic day but the space got set up (thanks to my awesome man for helping my crazy @$$ get it done).  The chandelier is absolutely stunning and I am SO happy I bought it.  Even though it was raining out all afternoon/evening the light in this space was still amazing.  Christa O’Brien Photography – thanks for letting me use your space while mine gets a lil renovation!

Keep an eye out for the VIP event we’re planning for the studio, there will be ton’s of surprises and awesome gifts for ladies regardless of what you’re interested in.  Follow my facebook page and VIP group to make sure you don’t miss the invite!

800 Georgia Ave #5

Gainesville GA 30501


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